10 Ways to get the Holiday Feels!

I'm a grinch when it comes to the holidays, especially Christmas. I'm just not that excited about it. I think it's because I had to share my birthday with the Baby Jesus. What did that guy ever do for the world?!

My partner, Jessica, loves the holidays, Halloween and Christmas especially. And through osmosis, her good cheer around the holidays has permeated my mind and soul during our time together. In tribute to the joy of my life, I dedicate this list. (Most of these ideas came from her anyway. Yes. I am just another man co-opting a woman's original ideas as his own for a profit. :))

10 Ways to get the Holiday Feels!

Eugene Saw

Eugene Saw

1. Switch out your fruit bowl, vases and vessels for seasonal items. Think apples, pumpkins, pine cones, ugly squash, fallen leaves and bare branches.

2. Make a pile of fallen leaves. Then do what comes naturally.....


3. Holiday Potpourri. Every holiday season, J puts herbs and spices and citrus in a pot of water on the stove when we are home. It's like hot cider for your house.

4. Holiday Lights. During Halloween, start putting up your lights. Add some more for Thanksgiving. Then again for your holidays. But on New Year's Day, it's time to put them away. Don't worry about going overboard with the lights. Here's a few ways to make it tasteful and not tacky.

5. Host a pre-holiday dinner. Get some friends and loved ones together before you or they make their way back home. Make it casual. Make it simple. Make it fun.

6. Holiday themed playlists on Pandora and Netflix. Create your own Netflix holiday playlist here.

7. Decorate! Go all out. Don't worry about what other people think. These people don't. Remember who lives in your home. Only your opinion matters. Do what gives you the Holiday Feels: Banners, streamers, lights, stockings, carve a pumpkin, coat everything in Fall colors, in Christmas colors, bring out your Menorah early. 

8. Bake some cookies. Nothing says the holidays like freshly baked cookies. Channel Martha Stewart.

9. Candles. Candles. Candles. Votives. Scented. Tall. Vigil. Sticks. Whatever you've got. Light 'em up.

10. Hot Cider. You don't need a recipe. Play with these ingredients: fresh apple juice, cinnamon, clove, all spice, nutmeg, whole peppercorn, anise, lemon, orange, cranberry, mint, basil, whiskey, rum. (A little spirit to get you in the spirit!) You have Fall and Winter to perfect your recipe. Please share your recipe with me!

Eugene Saw: The Fox and the Knit

Eugene Saw: The Fox and the Knit

10.5 Time to Throw Down......your Throws. Now that we've got colder weather, It's time to bring out your blankets. Keep them on hand for a quick nap on the couch. Snuggling up with a book and hot cider.  To Netflix and Chill.

May your Holidays be exciting, fun and easy!

Cheers to you and your loved ones!