Finally, Burmese food in Brooklyn! 

Ready to go at Smorgasburg!

Burma’s culinary culture is vibrant, complex and soulful. It beautifully mingles flavor traditions of bordering India, Thailand and China in vibrant and distinct ways.

Burma Noodle Bar specializes in Burmese food. We specialize in noodle dishes: from fragrant garlic noodles to spicy catfish chowder noodles to creamy coconut curry noodles.

Burma Noodle Bar is building loyal fans one event, one bite, one heart at a time through our pop-ups, and catering.

Eugene Saw is a Brooklyn based entrepreneur and chef. He was born in San Francisco, California to parents who are Burmese immigrants of Chinese decent, and decided to open a noodle shop after a strong endorsement from his grandma, his “oracle,” one afternoon.

Here is his story...

The idea came one afternoon as I was visiting “the oracle”, my grandma. I was in a funk. I didn’t know what I wanted to do next with my life. As an entrepreneur, I was willing to take a risk, but I didn’t know where. All I knew was that this time, I wanted to immerse myself into the industry I chose.

My grandma said she always liked when I was in the food business. I had opened and ran a Tapioca Express franchise in Northern California for years. That’s when the idea hit me: What if I opened a noodle shop?  What if I make it a Burmese noodle shop?  From there, my fate was set.

Although I had experience in food service, I had never worked in a restaurant. I vowed to understand this world and I knew that as long as I was in a restaurant, I could learn. Years later, I know what’s needed to make a dining experience extraordinary and the energy and people required to make a restaurant thrive.

Even though my parents were born in Burma, my only real link I had to their past was through the food. I learned to cook from my mom. At a young age, she taught me how to balance the flavors in the noodle salad. I worked hard to perfect the spices in the coconut curry chicken noodle soup and to capture the right consistency of the catfish chowder. The kitchen was our own little world, it’s where we bonded, where we argued, it was how we loved.

These are her recipes as I remember them. It wasn’t until I lived on my own that I started to miss certain dishes. I never had to make them on my own before and it was a challenge to recreate the food of my childhood. But once I did, it gave my soul satisfaction. My belly was full and so was my heart. Everything that reminded me of home, of family was here inside this bowl. I only needed to eat. This isn’t just comfort food, this is soul food.

Now I want to share those memories, those flavors, those feelings with you. As more and more people visit Burma (Myanmar) they come back searching for the food. For those that have experienced and those who want to experience for the first time, I welcome you to Burma Noodle Bar. Let the adventure begin!

                         Eugene Saw